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Measure your skills and knowledge, compare them
to market and find a personalized way to grow.

How CodersRank works?

We create a real-time and up-to-date profile based on your public and private data on GitHub,
Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, and other well-known sites to be able to show who you really are.
And thanks to this, your CodersRank profile will be all you need to show off your credentials.

Then all you have to do is focusing your daily work while we focus on giving you relevant information (learning materials, job offers, mentors, etc.) matching your unique skill set and interest.

Full and accurate picture (including tech and soft skills)

Firstly, we focus on your tech skills and try to get understand about how you work. But we also know that being a developer is not just about writing a huge amount of code. Precision, responsibility, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, communication, etc. – are also important. So why should we miss these kinds of information from your profile?

You can prove your skills without any tests

Are you tired to prove your skills with tests which are not real life examples at all? We build your profile according to your previous work including own projects, which truly represents your knowledge.

Let your work speak for itself.

Job offers, matching your unique skill set

Forget irrelevant job offers. We act as your matchmaker and offer opened positions based on your unique skill set and interest.

We analyze your previous work and soft skills, so after you expanded this information with your job preferences, you will see relevant offers.

Get to know your future company and workmates

Accepting a job offer is a great determination. We make it easier by showing more information about companies and future workmates.

You can check the company’s real tech stack, preferred programming languages, yearly income, possible workmates, etc.

Fully customized learning path

The level of knowledge, interest, learning method can be different for each coder. Our goal is to give you a structured and personalized training program, which covers your full lifecycle.

So can learn new skills faster and more effective.

Share your knowledge and experience with others

Do you need help? CodersRank is a great place for sharing ideas and knowledge. Whether you are asking for feedback or discussing your point of view, we will help you expand your knowledge and allow you to see things from another perspective.

Compare your skills with other coders

Based on coders’ profiles we created a global ranking. See how you compare to your friends, workmates or other coders worldwide. And check your current position on the global leaderboard.

Can you make the top 100 in your country? Top 10 in your city? What about no.1 in your programming language?

Find your next mentor, business partner, team member, etc.

Get inspiration and have a good time with like-minded people. Find new connections and friendship. Share knowledge. Get career advice and open new horizons. Grow within the tech family.

Join our developer’s community now.

Always up-to-date

Your knowledge and interest are constantly changing. Just like the opened positions on various job portals, the challenge you faced, the info you are searching to solve a problem, etc. We always align these pieces of information.

So as you improve your skills, your profile changes, and therefore our recommended materials also follow your improvement.

More and more sources

GitHub, StackOverflow, Kaggle, HackerRank and so on. We’re constantly expanding the number of integrations to make your profile as accurate as possible.

Your security comes first in everything we do

From auto-updates to our ranking algorithm, all CodersRank services are designed with your security at their core.

Completely free

Our goal is to support your professional growth. You’ll always have free access to our platform – for more and more personalized improvement opportunities.

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