Finding the most
appropriate coders is hard.

We make it
for you.

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It's Harder Than Ever
to Find IT Talent


… of coders aren’t actively looking for work.

… of recruiters don’t have the resources to look for coders outside their network.
… of recruiters say developers share outdated or invalid information on their CVs.

How do we make it easy?

We build real-time coder profiles from a wide range of data sources, including GitHub, Stack Overflow and more. Each profile is ranked based on technology and skill level, giving you access to the best coders in the world – who would otherwise be out of reach.

8 MILLION coders in a GLOBAL database

Over 8 million coder profiles and growing – each one refined to include the latest available information.

Fully verified coders

You don’t have to spend time and money checking the skillsets and work history of potential coders. We’ve done it.

100+ technologies and geolocation(s)

A Senior Python coder in San Francisco? A mid-level JAVA developer in London? Whatever you’re looking for, wherever, you’ll find them here.

Extra data about coders' job preferences

We’ve gone even further with our coder profiles to include job preferences. So you can get a better idea of their preferred technology, salary expectations, relocation preferences etc.

No credit card required.

Easy to connect

From email addresses to social profiles and more, our profiles are populated with as many contact details as we can source – so connecting is never a problem.

GDPR compliant

Data privacy is important to CodersRank. We want our users and partners to have confidence that their data is protected in accordance with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You're in good company

Plans & Pricing

  • CodersRank ranking (based on coders’ digital footprints)
  • Option to filter our database by 100+ technologies
  • Option for the direct reach of ~ 8.000.000 coders worldwide
  • Option for the direct reach of ~ 11.000 CodersRank users
  • Additional social profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, StackOverflow etc.)
  • Additional job preferences (job-seeker status, salary expectations, etc)
  • Access to users CV’s (if uploaded)
  • Direct contact unlock
  • Moneyback guarantee

Worry-free hiring. No minimum term. Cancel anytime. If you're not satisfied, you won't pay.

What people are saying
about CodersRank

“Finding great talent in the IT world is a nightmare. Every company walks through the same circle – career pages, Facebook shares etc. CodersRank helped us to think outside of the box and go on a totally different approach. That worked.”

András Perényi – CEO, Webshippy Fulfillments

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