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CodersRank is a candidate platform with
60,000+ registered and 500,000+ ranked developer profiles worldwide.
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What makes us different

Nr. of developer profiles


Code-based analysis (technical background validation)

Developer comparison (ranking, leaderboard)​

Job preferences (job seeker status, salary expectation, etc.)

Direct contact via personalized emails

Avg. response rate

10 – 20 %
20 – 30 %
5 – 10%

GDPR compliance

Direct access to additional social profiles

Job board available (also enhanced job posting)

Select a plan for your hiring needs:

NO success fee, NO install or hidden costs, ONLY a monthly fee

Billed Monthly

Billed Quarterly

(unique recruiter)
(unique recruiter)
(Company domain license)

Unlimited direct access to 60,000+ registered developers

Reach 1,000+ new jobseeking developers every month

Reach an exclusive pool of 500,000+ evaluated & ranked developers, growing with 10,000+ every week

Detailed profiles (with code analysis & job preferences data)​

Developer ranking & code-based leaderboard view​

Get the full evaluation, comparison and ranking of ANY developer from Github’s 89,000,000+ devs by our algorithm

Direct developer outreaches: inmails / license / month


Developer CVs downloadable / license / month


Team collaboration features, like shared shortlists

Support level provided

Shared Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager
& priority support
Dedicated Account Managers
& highest priority support

Personalized workshops
to onboard & maximize your results

Yes, for onboarding
Yes, for onboarding
+2 goal tracking workshops
Yes, onboarding
+ biweekly goal-tracking workshops

Employer branding (inc. highlighted company profile, job slots & developer newsletters to meet your placement KPI’s)

Expanding focused talent pool to ensure additional revelant developers in your pipeline

Custom platform developments to increase your sourcing efficiency (like ATS integrations)

All feature early-access,
including developer evaluation enhancements

Original Price (net, monthly)



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Discounted Price (net, monthly)
up to 74% discount compared to regular price



Try for free
Try for free

Self-service platform with no risk

Replace your high cost-per-hire fee with our low SaaS price, and get better results.

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Get unlimited access to our growing talent pool with one simple monthly fee. Whether you hire 5 or 50 developers, you will not be charged a cent more.

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