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Wozify used CodersRank’s targeted search to hire 6 developers in the span of just a couple of months.

The tool that we use to find secret talent that are unaccessible otherwise and has worked magic for Wozify, is CodersRank.

Balázs Slezák, Co-founder

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Outsource your logistics and focus on growth! The #1 e-commerce fulfillment company of Central Eastern Europe.

Finding great talent in the IT world is a nightmare. Every company walks through the same circle – career pages, Facebook shares etc. CodersRank helped us to think outside of the box and go on a totally different approach. That worked.


András Perényi - CEO, Webshippy Fulfillments

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We have already hired two developers from CodersRank. The code evaluation feature was the one that stood out to us the most on the platform. Being able to see the developer’s coding history helped us find the right fit within days. Karoly was super helpful, as well when we had questions. Highly recommend this tool and the amazing team behind CodersRank!

Dénes Zombori - OptiMonk

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Hire the right talent for every job with a diverse pool of qualified, interviewed and preselected professionals.

As a tech recruiter, I found CodersRank to be the perfect one-stop-shop. I especially liked that I was able to source candidates who are NOT on LinkedIn. CodersRank has all the qualities to truly disrupt this market!

Yanislava Hristova, Tech Recruiter and Founder of Remote IT World

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We connect you with the right Tech Leaders to find your dream Job in Berlin!

We had an excellent experience with CodersRank during our hiring process. Their tool was extremely helpful in evaluating the experience of the candidates that we had our eye on. For such high quality developers, CodersRank’s price was a BARGAIN. 

Zsolt Egri, Bitninja

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