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METRX is the end-to-end solution for mid- and enterprise-level companies, offering instant insights into engineering efforts. METRX creates personalized dashboards to help you evaluate your engineering outputs, uncover bottlenecks across your organization's workflow, and resolve them.

1.: Oversee Engineering Activities

Receive Instant

Get instant insights into your engineering efforts! We analyze your processes and teams.


Uncover Bottlenecks

METRX pinpoints bottlenecks and opportunities for greater efficiency and output in an easy-to-read, personalized dashboard.

3.: Resolve

Fix The Found Barriers

Leverage METRX’s objective findings to implement new protocols for performance management or tap into Gigster’s ten years of experience to tackle issues found.


METRX’s unique assessment cross-references your organization’s data, and each report is customizable according to your needs. The result is actionable insights to track and achieve your KPIs.

For Engineering Managers

For CTOs

For CFOs

Find and resolve your engineering bottlenecks in 3 steps


Data Extraction

METRX’s algorithms check the Git repository’s metadata and the tech stack (programming languages, libraries, and frameworks).


Data Evaluation And Analysis

We analyze the data by pulling the code and all its history – who contributed to it, activity levels for commits, merges, reviews, size, and complexity of the code. We do comparative evaluations against peers within the same team, with the ability to compare teams, projects, and individuals.


Data Evaluation And Analysis

The data is analyzed by pulling the code and all its history – who contributed to it, activity levels for commits, merges, and reviews, size, and complexity of the code. Comparative measures against others on the same team.


Data Evaluation And Analysis

The data is analyzed by pulling the code and all its history – who contributed to it, activity levels for commits, merges, and reviews, size, and complexity of the code. Comparative measures against others on the same team.


Personalized Review

The METRX team reviews all the data with you for a thorough understanding of your team(s) and further refines reporting, instantly resulting in a customized view of your organization.

Solve Challenges: Beyond Analysis, We Drive Solutions

Take Charge of the Next Steps After our Comprehensive Review


Leverage Gigster's Expertise

Save time and resources – deploy a team from Gigster to resolve any issues found, leveraging their ten years of experience and global team of experts.


Take Charge Independently

Address METRX’s findings at your own pace, with your own team


Sustain Ongoing Monitoring

Sustain tracking of your engineering organization using METRX reporting on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis

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Per developer, per Month




Per developer per Month

One time Package



Single Payment

A METRX analysis was conducted within a software organization in the energy sector. Review this case study to understand the impact an objective analysis had within this organization.

METRX Reports:Every METRX report is tailored to showcase the specific information you need to understand about your organization. Curious to learn more? Review these examples below:

We tailor every METRX report to showcase the specific information you seek about your organization.

Gaps in Productivity vs. Payroll

Gain insight into whether your payroll distribution is reflective of value added to your organization.

“Now I know my top performers who have given attributes, behaviors, and activities. We can now coach our lower performers based on those to help them be more productive.”

Gaps in Salary Distribution Through Our Performance by Pay Band Report

Redistribute Your Software Spend on High Performers to Drive Value

As a result, the company could easily see that the top 10 developers represent 36% of the cost but generate 58% of the productivity.

“Why are spending 50% of our topline on R&D but not seeing the value and impact as a result?”

Gaps in ROI Through Our Performance Over Time Report

Identify low performers and find opportunities for upskilling and coaching

With data spanning 12 months, we discovered the productivity of the bottom 50% of the team could be replaced by 2-3 engineers at the level of the Top 10.

“This is eye-opening. Year over year, the team has grown by 30%, so the question is, why are we seeing the team size growth but not our topline?“

Features vs Fixes Report

Instantly see the team efficiency overview by comparing the delivered features to the fixes required.

" Year over Year decline of 15.5% less fixes needed over the full team "


We provide details on the tool’s data security measures and clarify the integration process, including the expected timeline. We secure data during transmission and while at rest.

We employ a standardized enterprise visualization solution utilizing Google’s Data Management and Visualization tool, such
as Google Looker Studio. The data is transferable to alternative platforms, such as Microsoft’s PowerBI, allowing seamless
integration and direct data provision if you are already using a dashboard solution.

We provide personalized on-boarding sessions, comprehensive documentation, and responsive ongoing support to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of METRX.

We collect an upfront payment as a one-time fee, and you have the option to pay through wire transfer or ACH. We bill monthly for ongoing subscription fees with the convenient option of automatic payments through a credit card.

METRX measures the following aspects of the code contributions: code volume, frequency, technology, rank, and consistency.

METRX  can be exclusively used for engineering teams/organizations to assess software developers’ performance, not other teams’, like finance, HR, CS, etc. It evaluates software developers’ performance by examining their code contributions/commits within a defined period.

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