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We create a real-time profile based on your data on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and other well-known sites. Then all you have to do is focus on improving your skills, while recruiters focus on connecting you to the best matches.

Do You Like Competition?

Based on contributions we create a GLOBAL rank of coders. See how you compare to your friends or other coders worldwide.

Can you make the top 100 in your country? Top 10 in your city? What about no.1 in your programming language?

You're not alone

Check how many people have already been ranked in your city/country, or ranked by technology.

Your Daily Work Will Have New Meaning

Check how your daily coding activity affects your contribution. Our real-time update feature tracks your progress in global and local rankings. Every day, every hour, with every line of code.

Can be better than any CV

You should be focused on coding, not updating your paperwork. A CodersRank profile is all you need to show off your credentials. And, with private view, you can share only what you want others to see.

More and more sources

GitHub, StackOverflow, Kaggle, HackerRank and so on. We’re constantly expanding the number of integrations to make your profile as accurate as possible.

Find a dream job

Job offers targeted to you. No bullsh*t. No spam.

We act as your gatekeeper. You'll only get matched if a position meets your expectations or if you decide you want to start a new career. Java, Python, C++; full-time, part-time, remote; Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Tokyo – we listen to your needs.

Your security comes first in everything we do

From auto-updates to our ranking algorithm, all CodersRank services are designed with your security at their core.

Free - always

Our goal is to support your professional growth. You’ll always have free access to our platform – for more and more personalized improvement opportunities.

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