Frequently asked questions

Are the profiles scraped from the web?

No! CodersRank is a community of developers. They sign up for an account on their own and add up-to-date info about themselves manually. We have a loyal following of devs who LOVE being a part of our community.

Can I contact developers directly?

Yes! Simply send them a message right from the search platform. And after they approved your request, you can check their email address or phone number. Plus you’ll get access to their additional social profiles to maximize your chance to communicate them.

How do you handle NDA for the developers' private code?

Our repo info extractor is an open-source script. The developer can run it locally and it doesn’t send anything from his computer, which would cause any NDA issue.

I want to hire devs from XYZ location only.

No problem! We have thousands upon thousands of developers from around the world. Majority of them keep a high-quality & well-maintained profile. If you LOVE the concept of CodersRank but want more developers from a certain area, simply ask us to collect more leads for you! (enterprise plan only)

How many searches can I perform on CodersRank?

Unlimited! (applicable for ALL plans)

How does your money-back guarantee work?

It’s valid for 30 days after the subscription has started.

How does the qualified candidate sourcing process look like?

We match your needs to our existing userbase. Based on our user persona analysis, we can find out how to reach them effectively. And then we adjust our marketing activity to target this segment. This way we can continuously deliver new candidates for you during your subscription period. (enterprise plan only)