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Developers Feedback about the platform

Very nice... I love the concept.


Pravar Kulkarni

Repo analysis is awesome!


Anton Miroshkin

Liked the overall look and feel and ranking system.


Subhrajyoti Das

The chart data was magical 🧙‍♂️ I can see the day or the point why my career kickstarter 🚀🚀


Mohammad Albarmawi

Easy to understand, progitable,all I need is in one place



The tutorials and job offer system is really helpful.



I like it the most 😍 the way of tracking is easy.


Gobinath Varatharajan

The idea of this website is the greatest.


Said Gamidinov

It's motivating to see yourself among others with something abstract as points. I really like to see leaderboard within CodersRank users instead of everyone from github.



The ranking system allows me to continuously measure myself against my peers. As a brand new programmer (lots of high tech experience) and beginning work in Data Engineering, I enjoy measuring my progress against others. I also like the potential usefulness of finding a job this way.


Brett Gamble

The service is awesome!


Daniel Gomes

Thanks for building such platform to rank based on code it, really inspires to code more.


Manthankumar Satani

CodersRank is a very good tool to measure your skill compared to other developers around the world. A very good support/help staff for any problem or issue


Alessandro Mana

Great job. Really awesome work what you're doing for coders all around the world. Keep going, really anxious to see what you're going to do this year with CodersRank.


Miguel Teixeira

It's great, the way to measure, not only in the amount of contributions, they analyze the code and create more accurate results seems very good to me. In addition to the various job offers adjusted according to your statistics, it is super useful.


Leynier Gutiérrez González

This idea of a 360-degree profile and the tool to pull it all together are full of innovation and fill a gap in nowadays data-backed CVs. The data visualization is great. This is a must-have for a modern presentation of your skills. Thank you so much!


Juan Carlos Mejías Rodríguez

Universal way to compare software developers and to share your experience from projects with NDA.

Alexander Popov

One of the best ways to measure your tech knowledge. I'm loving it!


Matheus dos Reis de Jesus

I see this becoming the gold standard for assessing dev skills. Great stuff!


Balázs Slezák

I have checked quite a few CodersRank profiles from the leaderboard, this can become really addictive guys!


Tibor Katona

It looks good and can serve as a quick resumé


Dylan Tientcheu

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