Hi, We're CodersRank

Our startup was founded in 2017 with the following mission: 


Our Story

CodersRank is a multi-award-winner startup
(regional Get In The Ring competition & Central European Startup Award etc). 

We create real-time and up-to-date profiles based on coders’ public and private data on GitHub, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, and other well-known sites to be able to show who they really are. And thanks to this, their CodersRank profile will be all they need to show off their credentials.

Then all they have to do is focusing their daily work while we focus on giving them relevant information (learning materials, job offers, mentors, etc.) matching their unique skill set and interest.

About Us

Our Core Values

Beliefs that guide our decisions and inspire us to be…

Always keep improving
Study continuously, since learning never ends. The more we know the more we feel how much we do not know.
Wow your customer
Constantly strive to deliver the best product for our customers with the highest level of service. Make every customer interaction positive and memorable.
Look at every idea, project or initiative with an open mind. Don't be afraid to try new things, and seek for better solutions.
Sweep the floor
Never feel that any work is "beneath you" or that you are "too cool" to take on a task. Be humble and modest, let your actions speak for you.
Owner mentality
Take a proactive approach to making things better. If you find a mistake, fix it; even if it's not "your job".
Mutual respect
We don't tolerate bullies. Be fair to others and give them the same respect you would ask for yourself.
Enjoy the game
"Work" and "fun" don't have to be mutually exclusive. Build a happy workplace where we can all be ourselves and work together to accomplish our goals.

The People Behind CodersRank

Károly Paczári
CEO & Founder

János Gál
Product Owner

Tibor Szántai
Chief Marketing Officer

Péter Karakas
CTO & Founder

Zoltán Szepesi Developer

Igor Azarov
Product Owner

Alim Giray Aytar Developer

Shashank Agarwal Developer

Zsolt Rábai

Yanislava Hristova
IT Recruiter

Soma Szoboszlai
UX Designer

Vladimir Kharlampidi

Vladimir von Hraban

Adrienn Tordai
Growth Marketer