Discover, qualify, and engage developers

Make connection with qualified developers​ in a more efficient way

Discover, qualify, and engage developers

Make connection with qualified
developers in a more efficient way

We make your sourcing process

CodersRank is a search platform dedicated to saving you time and increasing your accuracy when you’re looking for software developers.


Focus on quality over quantity!

Find qualified developers instantly, based on their real experience
and digital footprint.

  • 40,000+ DEV profiles
  • Growing community
  • Active and passive job-seekers
  • Pro filters make it simple

40,000+ high-quality DEV profiles

We create developer profiles based on their public and diverse data points, and expand it with job-related data they provide us.

Save your valuable time – no need for unnecessary qualification rounds.

Exponentially growing community

We’re not another scraping tool. CodersRank is a fast-growing and active community and active community of experienced, job-seeker developers. 

1000+ users join us every month from different countries. You can access new job-seeker talent every Monday.

Find active and passive

Filter for active and passive candidates open to new opportunities. The active job-seek status expires in 30 days, so you can be sure the developer is really open for your job.

Find active and passive job-seekers

Pro filters make it simple

Our search platform saves you time and increases your accuracy when you’re looking for software developers.

Boolean or keyword search options, tech-stack, time-zone, and remote filters are here to help you.

Everything you need to know, in one place.

The CodersRank profile is the perfect summary of a developer’s real coding experience, tech stack, and job preferences.

  • Code-based evaluation
  • Developer ranking
  • Job preferences
  • Resume-bolstering factors

Code-based evaluation you can trust

Devs connect their private and public repositories + accounts from other coding sites to generate their true profile. We analyze and unify these data. 

Check easily their favorite technologies, strengths, weaknesses, and how they improved their skills. All-in-all, their REAL experience.

Code-based evaluation

Developer ranking
& leaderboard view

See how they compare to other developers worldwide. Our unique scoring algorithm helps you identify the rising stars.

Developer Ranking

Up-to-date job preferences

Our developers expand their profiles with additional info based on their job preferences.

Learn more about their job-seeking status, specialization, salary expectation, location availabilities, and more.

Job PReferences

Resume-bolstering factors

Candidates complete their profiles with even more data, such as their work experience, personal projects, certificates, education, portfolio, and bio.

All the invaluable info you need for a successful hiring assignment.

Resume blostering factors

Reach out to candidates easier (and get replies)

Forget irrelevant contact lists and obsolete databases.

High response rate

We’re not a scraping tool. They are all registered CodersRank members. Thanks to our active community and the various channels we provide, you’ll have a better chance to get in touch with them.

Various channels & maximum efficiency

Email, phone number, inmail, social accounts (LI, FB, TW), personal website – everything is provided to you to communicate with developers as effectively as possible.

CodersRank is GDPR ready

We believe data privacy is one of the most important aspects of business. Our users’ and partners’ data is protected in accordance with GDPR.

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Become a sourcing master thanks to our
PRO features

Expand your exclusive talent pool, build brand awareness,
and manage candidates like a pro.

Expanding private talent pool

Are you looking for a developer to fill a complex position with a rare language? Or you just had a big order and need to fill a lot of similar positions fast? We’ll handle it! We adjust our marketing activity to bring in devs based on YOUR specifications.

Replace your high cost-per-hire fee by our low SaaS price, and get better results. We make sure your talent pool keeps growing.

Exclusive shortlist

Our matching algorithm selects the newly created developer profiles from our community and we send them straight to you. Besides, not only will we notify you, but ONLY YOU will be able to see them for 3 days.

You'll have an untapped pool of skilled developers.

ATS support

Easily integrate the CodersRank search engine with your own system or use your favorite Applicant Tracking System to manage your candidates.

Use the power of our regular newsletter

Have you ever thought to promote your job posting via developer newsletters or digest emails? Usually, they have horrible pricing. Spread your job postings or company to a personalized segment of CodersRank members, and get more interactions next to your direct messages.
Use our name as a door opener to a skilled developer community available for hire.

Enhanced job branding through our
job portal

An extra opportunity to grab the attention of your audience: have your job listings appear more prominently on our job board.

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Detailed profiles (with code analysis & job preferences data)​

Developer ranking & code-based leaderboard view​

Direct email messages (monthly)


Featured job posting on our job board

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Exclusive shortlist

Expanding private talent pool

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ATS support

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Perényi András

“Finding great talent in the IT world is a nightmare. Every company walks through the same circle – career pages, Facebook shares etc. CodersRank helped us to think outside of the box and go on a totally different approach. That worked.”

András Perényi – CEO, Webshippy Fulfillments

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